Corporate Wellness

Just as an athletic trainer wouldn’t prescribe the same training schedule for a marathon runner as for a casual walker, we don’t develop a one-size-fits-all corporate wellness program for every company. A well designed program will improve participant health, well-being and engagement, enhance morale, productivity and safety, boost organizational performance, support recruitment and retention and contain costs—but only if it’s customized to meet the needs and interests of the employees and address the goals and objectives of the company.

At Higginbotham, our health risk management consultants perform a strategic analysis of your workforce and emerging markets so we understand your company’s unique demographics, employee benefits, communication practices and culture. Then we design, implement, measure and evaluate a sustainable program that addresses those factors while keeping compliant. We’ll give you a strong foundation for a successful program based on best practices and these proven principles:

  • Develop a short and long-term strategy
  • Engage executive and mid-level support
  • Foster a culture that supports and encourages total well-being
  • Define accountability for the program
  • Ensure participant confidentiality and program compliance
  • Consider participant access to the program and resources
  • Develop a communication strategy and program brand
  • Measure the program at employee and employer level
  • Implement meaningful incentives, both extrinsic and intrinsic



Case Study—Higginbotham’s own health risk management program results.
Employee Newsletters—Promote safety and health improvement (English and Spanish).