Churches & Schools

You’re eager to challenge your students, but it’s you who can become challenged by the numerous risks associated with managing a school. In today’s litigious society, characterized by widely publicized lawsuits and lofty monetary awards and settlements, even the most well-intentioned schools, board members, trustees, administrators and teachers are highly scrutinized.

Higginbotham offers specialized insurance and loss prevention services crafted for educators. Our experience comes from years of serving a broad spectrum of schools, including:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Charter
  • Church affiliated
  • Community colleges
  • Public and private colleges/universities


Common Church and School Coverages

  • Sexual Misconduct and Molestation Liability
  • School and Educators Legal Liability
  • Law Enforcement Professional Liability
  • Directors and Officers (D&O)
  • Student Accident
  • Special Events
  • Emergency Events
  • International Operations


Risk Management

Schools are strictly regulated by federal and state laws and closely watched by the communities they serve. With such focus, you are more likely to be sued for issues regarding employment practices, student safety and reporting procedures. A carefully considered loss control plan can help convince a jury that your school did everything in its power to maintain a safe environment.

We help identify hazards and advise on a number of topics, including:

  • Abuse risk
  • Accident investigation
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Playground safety
  • Transportation safety
  • Facility security
  • Employee screening

Sexual abuse is a highly regulated risk that Higginbotham can help you navigate with compliance and prevention services. If you conduct a licensed youth camp, the Texas Youth Camp Safety Act requires adult staff members to complete an abuse prevention training and examination program.  To help you fulfill your many reporting obligations, we assist with abuse awareness training, policies and procedures, background checks, screening training and systems for monitoring and oversight. We also review your contracts to make sure that you have appropriate abuse prevention terms for subcontractors and service vendors working on your campus.

To ensure your property insurance policies have accurate replacement cost values that reflect current market conditions, Higginbotham can provide property profiles of your entire campus. Our property profiles show building composition, size, structure, safety features, and photographs so you avoid being underinsured, causing you to pay out-of-pocket for a catastrophic loss exceeding replacement cost value, or over-insured, causing you to pay higher rates.