Certificate Validation

Improper management of insurance certificates can result in out-of-pocket losses and claims with your insurance carrier. Certificates must be routinely checked with a careful eye to avoid paying claims that you expect the other party’s insurance to cover. Implementing a contract that delineates your insurance provisions will reduce your risk, but requires dedicated time and resources.

CertCon Services is Higginbotham’s in-house insurance certificate validation group. We process the certificates you require from your service and material providers, tenants, franchisees and other entities to help ensure they meet the insurance stipulations in your contracts and agreements. For energy clients, we can help develop a Master Service Agreement (MSA) to define both parties’ obligations.

CertCon monitors expiration dates, confirms coverage amounts, communicates with providers and reports their compliance status to you through a secure online program called CertCon WebReport developed and maintained by CertCon. Then we repeat the process at renewal to monitor against coverage changes.

WebReport Capabilities

  • Monitor insurance compliance
  • Request adds, deletes and data changes
  • Create and download status reports
  • Request waiver of vendor requirements

Businesses in the oil and gas, construction, property management, health care, transportation and financial lending sectors are good candidates for our service, but if you require proof of insurance from anyone, then CertCon can help you too. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a tailored program for any industry.

For a WebReport demonstration, email service@certcon.com.


Analysis Report

Shows the status of vendors’ compliance with their insurance requirements and which haven’t submitted information necessary for analysis.


Analysis Detail Report

Specifies vendors’ non-compliance deficiencies.



Workers' Compensation Report

Gives information about vendors’ workers’ compensation policies, which is useful during an annual audit.