Workers’ compensation alert: Employers need miracle cure for rising drug costs

America has a serious drug problem: The skyrocketing cost of prescription medication. It’s a growing crisis for patients and employers alike. Just look at these sobering statistics: In 2014, 77 percent of employers spent 16 percent or more of their … Read More


Retirement planning resources: Good for workers, great for business

Today’s young people aren’t saving as much as yesterday’s, and it has to do with the Great Recession. According to a paper by economists at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the participation of working-age households in retirement savings plans … Read More


Is your business next on the target list for cyber thieves?

Target. Home Depot. Apple. Sony. Anthem and Premera Blue Cross. Dramatic headlines about huge cyber attacks on major corporations and the resulting data breaches are almost becoming commonplace. These attacks have compromised the private information of millions of consumers, cost … Read More


Don’t let flooding put your finances under water

When it rains, it pours – and nobody knows that better right now than folks in Oklahoma and Texas. We’ve all seen the dramatic footage of cars submerged on freeways in Dallas and Houston, homes and businesses being washed away … Read More


Beware of accent discrimination: A growing EEOC complaint

If an employee speaks with a heavy accent and is having difficulty performing her customer service responsibilities, is it considered discrimination if you fire her because of concerns about her ability to communicate effectively? What if you don’t fire her, but … Read More


Life insurance: More important and less expensive than you think

Life insurance: Most people know they need it, yet many people still don’t have it. Still others have some, but not enough. If you fall into one of those categories, consider this: Life-changing events happen in an instant. When it’s … Read More


Leverage transparency to reduce health care insurance overspend

Tired of paying for group health insurance increases every year? While many variables are out of your control, there is one thing within employers’ control: pricing awareness. The Gary and Mary West Health Policy Center reports, “Providing patients, physicians, employers … Read More


Are you protecting your most vital asset?

Like many people, it’s probably hard for you to imagine being so disabled from an injury or illness that you could no longer work and earn a paycheck. However, it happens more often than you might think. According to … Read More


Blue Bell: a painful reminder of growing product recall challenges

  In another hit for the food industry, Texas-based ice cream maker Blue Bell announced it’s pulling all of its products from store shelves, temporarily shutting down some of its plants and advising people to throw away any of its … Read More


Get Ready for OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down

  This spring (May 4-15), OSHA is taking a stand on preventing falls in construction. Actually, they’re taking a stand-down. Here’s how they describe it: “Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for … Read More